Quote Bot

“Turn those machines back on!” – Mortimer Duke

Quote Bot displays live stock prices as desktop artwork.

Live stock quotes are fetched over Wi-Fi and provided by https://iexcloud.io/‘s API using their generously offered free plan.


The display rests on a gooseneck providing minor viewing angle adjustment.


The 320*240 TFT LCD provides enough screen space to show the stock’s ticker symbol, company name, current price, price change, 52 week high/low visual, price change percent, P/E, open price, quote time, and other system related status indicators. The color of the price is either red, green, or magenta which indicates price down days, price up days, or weekends/holidays.

Periodically the display increments to the next symbol on the user list of stock symbols.

The LCD is also a touch screen where pressing the left and right sides selects the previous or next stock on the list of stock symbols. Pressing the center locks the current symbol and the display will not periodically increment to the next symbol until the lock is released. The blue “L” on the lower line of the display indicates symbol lock status.


The display housing is 3D printed in PLA and designed using TinkerCAD.


Also 3D printed are the base center and four feet.


Underneath the display is the SD card slot and USB programming port.


The texture of display housing from the 3D printing process is clean and consistant.


The base is held together using four M5 low-profile machine bolts.


The toggle switch is the power on/off. The top of the base is laser cut white acrylic.


Underneath the top plate is a 4×4 RGB LED matrix to create a neat effect used as a crude heatmap of stock price movements and to indicator weekends/holidays.

The above video shows the random green and red pattern.


Power supply specification markings are engraved on the bottom plate. The four feet contain M5 nylon lock nuts.


The Quote Bot is driven by a ESP32 connecting to the local Wi-Fi. The SD card contains Wi-Fi credentials, stock symbols, API information, and other system parameters.


The NeoPixel/WS2812b LED matrix requires a logic level converter to convert 3.3.v data signal to work reliably with the LED’s 5v logic.


The gooseneck provides a method to hide the power cable.


Inside the base is a DC-DC power convertor to provide the LEDs and ESP32 with 5vDC at an input range of 6vDC to 24vDC.


The Quote Bot makes a welcome addition to the growing collection of black and white projects.

Source code and design files: https://github.com/reubenstr/QuoteBot

Final thoughts:
A possible future version would decrease the bezel around the display by creating a custom PCB to provide a TFT mount without the extra space for headers. The ESP32 and logic level converter would attach to the PCB to eliminate all but the power wires. The PCB will also allow reducing the amount the SD card protrudes from the display housing.

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