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The ReMEDer is a difficult to ignore reminder to take your daily medicine.

While alarms on a smartphone could work, with dozens of notifications daily, the reminder could be missed or quickly ignored only to be forgotten. The ReMEDer (reminder + medicine play on words) attempts to create a impactful reminder that evokes immediate action.

The ReMEDer’s flashing alert is turned off by pressing the clicking button on top.

In this version, the controls are on the underside to keep the ReMEDer’s aesthetics clean and minimalist. The size is about two stacked hockey pucks and comfortably fits in the hand to access the underside control buttons.

The ReMEDer’s controls allows for the setting of the time, number of alarms, alarm time(s), LED color, LED pattern, and LED speed.

ReMEDer using the red strobe option.

The red strobe option is eye catching.

ReMEDer using the rainbow chase option.

The rainbow chase option is colorful and fun.

The ReMEDer is fabricated from 3D printed parts (in PLA) for the housing and laser cut acrylic for the top, bottom, and LED ring.

Microcontroller: Arduino Mini (AtMega328p)
Real time clock: DS1307 module.
LCD: SSD1306 OLED 128×32
LED: strip: WS2812B (NeoPixels)

Source code and design files:

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