Dual RD6006

Dual RD6006, feel the power!

The Riden RD6006 is solid benchtop programmable power supply for hobbyist and beyond (EEVBLOG RD6006 Discussion). Unfortunately the only case available is awkwardly long and benchtop ill-fitting for my setup. Needing another power supply for more complex projects I seized the opportunity to solve the case issue and provide dual power.

The rear has the power plug and two 50mm fan intake or exhausts.

The power supply is a MeanWell LRS-350-24 and is capable of supplying both RD6006’s at their max current rating of 6 amps. The RD6006 temperature probes are taped to the power supply.

The fan controller (between the 50mm fan and the power plug) was sourced from a 3rd party RD6006 metal case. Although I don’t see that part specifically available there are other fan temperature control modules on the market that will keep the fans quiet until they are needed. The power plug was also sourced from a 3rd party RD6006 metal case, but can be swapped out with another with minimal difficulty.

The case is held together by M3 8mm bolts screwed into 3D printed cubes. The case is sturdy and acceptable for a bench top power supply.

All working with a prototyping circuit.

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